When Aquarius Finds Its Perfect Match

Aquarius knows that he has found his perfect partner when he has already stopped protecting himself so as not to get hurt. He no longer sees love as something terrible because now he is truly in love. In the past, she worked hard in her love life to make it clear what the limits were and that no one overstepped them. Because if there is something that Aquarius really could not bear, it was being told what to do or trying to control him. He knows that this is the right person because he has been the one with whom he has not needed to establish the famous limits. He has respected from the first moment all the freedom that Aquarius needs and that makes Aquarius happier and in love than ever.

Aquarius has never truly fallen in love before because his heart did not feel so safe with anyone, until now that he has found someone to feel safe with.

You may still feel a little scared and intimidated now. Because at the end of the day it is very difficult to understand well how love works. But he is beginning to have the connection he needed to begin to feel. Now he feels connected with himself and with those around him. Together with that person he feels so safe that Aquarius is willing to run and jump into the void as many times as necessary.

Now more than ever Aquarius feels how they support him, how they value that free spirit that he has. He has finally found that person who is capable of reaching his same height, and that is very difficult because Aquarius flies very high and it is difficult to reach him. He has finally realized that there is someone who is able to value his independence well and who follows him in every step he takes. Aquarius values more than anything that that person also has his opinion and his word and that he does not shut up for anything in the world. Aquarius now knows what it’s like to feel happy and in love.