Aries in Love: Romance and Affinity

Find out how the Aries sign behaves in love, the affinities with other signs and how to keep the flame burning in a relationship with this native.

Aries is the sign of those born between March 21 and April 19 (+/-). Impulsive, passionate and sensual, Aries has one of the most fiery personalities in the Zodiac. Find out how the Aries sign behaves in love, the affinities with other signs and how to keep the flame burning in a relationship with this native.

Aries in love is wonderful. Exciting, romantic and dedicated to his passion, he gives himself body and soul to the adventure of love. He is generous and likes to fill his soul mate with affection and gifts.

Aries in Love in a Positive Mode

A typical Aries is very into physical pleasures and has a strong sex drive. They are great lovers, who like to innovate and explore new physical pleasures. When they are in love and feel reciprocated, they are loyal and faithful companions.

Aries loves the feeling of conquest. The smell of new. While in love, remain faithful and dedicated. When you are interested in someone, you hold on to that person and fight for the relationship. However, if the person becomes superficial or if the relationship falls into a rut, the Aries native does not bother to nurture the relationship, he quickly gets bored, closes himself in his life, and may even be unfaithful.

Energy, passion, adventure, simplicity, company. This is what Aries does in their love life.

Aries in Love in Negative Mode

In a negative way, Aries can quickly tire of their new love by not even trying to change things. In order for this not to happen, they require constant displays of interest. The relationship has to stay hot and not fall into a rut. Initial attraction is worth it all for this Aries type. You can quickly lose interest when the flame of passion fades and then you set out to find a new romance.

Aries Man in Love

The Aries man is as passionate as any woman could wish for. With rare monotonous moments, this native is always full of ideas and creative energy. Idealistic and susceptible to feelings, he manages to achieve all the vibrations, sighs and ecstasy possible in a relationship.

No matter how many mistakes you’ve made, you don’t give up on finding your true love or soulmate. When he is in love, he gives himself body and soul to the burning flame of the moment. His seemingly calm demeanor is just a mask for a burning heart.

But if the Aries man throws himself headfirst into romance, he withdraws from it with equal nonchalance. Your need for romance is so strong that if you feel like the relationship is no longer alive, you quickly jump out of it. However, no other sign can be as scrupulously faithful as Aries when in love. Possessive and jealous, he tends to demand the same fiery and unconditional loyalty that he gives to his partner.

Aries Woman in Love

Independent, the Aries woman lives more easily without a man than any other woman. The native of this sign does not want a domineering or authoritarian man, but neither does she want a man who sits at her feet in adoration. The Aries woman is determined and likes to be in charge, she is the first to act, she will even take the first step in romance.

This is a woman with deep passions: she indulges in whatever relationship she feels is real, without reservations or games. His love, like his way of speaking and acting, is sincere and straightforward.

If you have an honest base, the Aries woman is very sensitive to flattery. Deeply sentimental, his loyalty in love is enormous, as long as the feeling in the relationship stays alive. When she is in love, she is an honest and loyal woman and, at the same time, exciting, although she can be a bit impulsive, authoritarian and independent.

How Do Aries Natives Get Along With Other Signs?

  • Signs with greater affinity - Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Signs with lower affinity - Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces

Signs in Love

Learn about the romantic characteristics associated with each of the natives of the Zodiac and how the signs behave in love.

Remember that relationships are influenced by multiple variables, the astrological being only one of them. Will, commitment, and free will really determine how relationships may or may not progress favorably. Any relationship between two people, regardless of their sun signs, can work as long as both parties are willing to make it work. Assume this result with an open mind, without taking any type of recommendation based on what you read here to treat your relationships, or assuming any type of impediment so that they work as you wish. We hope that this result shows the points of greatest convergence with the person in question and that everything goes well in your relationship.