Why Aries Can't Let Go?

Oddly enough, Aries does not let go many times. He clings to what is forbidden, to what no longer has to be in his life, even if it hurts him, he does so because he believes that this is how he loses, he believes that this way he stops fighting and fails….

The guilt that arises when faced with something like this is great, much bigger than people think, but letting go to never see again is something that terrifies Aries. THE FAREWELLS is a weak point for Aries, they prefer to save them and go for all and not let go of what they want to remain so as not to have to go through that moment, they would pay whoever it was necessary not to live it ...

In this state, he does not calculate as he always does, he does not see that the best thing is to free himself from certain environments and from some people in order to move forward, to detoxify from the routine and from people who are already too many and who only attract bad energy. Normally Aries is a very cunning and quite determined person, but this little Achilles heel makes us see a much more tender and sensitive part of Aries, an unknown and quite revealing part: its more human side.

Aries does not let go when he feels caring, love and compassion. Aries clings and holds until the end when the ball of the stomach does not let him breathe because of that feeling, because of his deepest emotions.

When clinging to something or someone, Aries has to fight against his own heart. OUTCOME? A winner and a loser, sometimes reason can and does beat the heart, and sometimes feelings make their move and win the game.

This does not affect the strength, freshness and temperament of Aries at all, we talk about that emotional Aries who does not want to let go of something that has to go, we talk about that part so unknown and so intimate of someone independent, strong and brave. Indeed, warrior people are also afraid, they also have to control their emotions and also let the heart take over their emotions.