Ascendant in Pisces in the Astral Chart

Ruled by Jupiter , Pisces in Ascendant tends to be more sensitive and empathetic than other natives of the sign. People with this position in their birth chart are very susceptible to environmental conditions and can become a psychic sponge , absorbing everything that surrounds them, both good and harmful.

What is the Personality of the Ascendant in Pisces like?

When Pisces ascends, the people involved can become a part of their surroundings so easily that they almost disappear. Others may ignore them and even deny them proper recognition. But without their help, it will create a significant gap, as the work they do is often of great value. These natives must not underestimate themselves , but must recognize their own value to the community.

On the other hand, Pisces has some difficulties in developing self-knowledge, and when the sign rises, the difficulties are even greater. They often seem to invent another “me” and direct all imaginative powers to fit it, rather than trying to figure out what they really are. This is not necessarily bad, especially since they do it with conviction; But if these natives acquire self-knowledge , it will give them a sense of self-confidence and power , which will be more beneficial to them than any other sign of the Zodiac .

On a personal level, people with a Pisces Ascendant must also be careful not to be overly critical of their partners, as this can sometimes be destructive.

How is the Ascendant in Pisces in the Other Signs?

With a naturally dreamy spirit , Pisces Ascendant natives generally have a restless nature and are always looking for new experiences .

However, depending on the sun sign you ascend in, Pisces will naturally have different implications for each native’s personality.

Aries with Ascendant in Pisces

Aries natives with a Pisces Ascendant are generally quite charming and seductive. More sensitive and emotional than shown in this combination, the Aries force is present, but is diluted by the Pisces sensitivity. This native is always ready for a word of help, a gesture of compassion, and a generous act.

He loves life, comfort and its pleasures, but can easily disconnect from everything. Professionally, there is always a factor of luck to accompany you, allowing you to normally get what you want without having to fight for it.

In the affective sphere, although he dreams of surrendering to the love he feels for another person, he cannot do it, living his emotions in a deeply secret corner to which no one has access. Despite being captivated by the mix of boldness and sweetness, this native has a hard time showing true emotional involvement.

On the negative, Aries with Ascendant in Pisces is taken over by a very permissive self-indulgence that makes him use escapism in the name of a need for pleasure. Sometimes there is an alternation between excessive activity, inertia or chronic fatigue, which is not always noticeable. Neglecting yourself thinking of others is one of your usual failures.

Taurus with Ascendant in Pisces

When Pisces ascends to Taurus , it gives this native a personality that is imposed and conquers, as long as it is well worked and perfected. People with this combination demonstrate deep empathy for the problems of others, while being articulate and practical. However, the Pisces Ascendant makes these natives more reserved about their personal lives, usually not talking much about themselves.

In terms of work, Taurus with a Pisces Ascendant has a great intellectual capacity and appreciates creating projects. Despite being ambitious, he sometimes becomes lazy, especially for tasks that are most boring for him.

In love, this native is generous and dedicated, and has a very sensitive sensitivity that makes him somewhat fragile. In relationships, you work hard to please your loved one, being capable of unparalleled dedication. He lives in search of the perfect love, dreaming of the day when he gives up completely.

On the negative side, an excess of romanticism and an imperative desire to have a partner makes you easily cheated on in relationships. Emotions and emotional distress are frequent and repeated.

Gemini with Ascendant in Pisces

Gemini natives with a Pisces Ascendant are generally less communicative and more thoughtful and sensitive. Endowed with good memories, they are attentive to family traditions and are better prepared to experience the stability of total love.

In the professional field, Gemini with a Pisces Ascendant has difficulties in assuming commitments and responsibilities. Always try to escape the obstacles of life, without facing problems.

In the affective sphere, the emotional needs of this native are confused and contradictory, even for himself, since he constantly oscillates between rationality and the desire for total and absolute fusion with another being. In love, he is fickle and insecure, although he is very affectionate and devoted to his loved ones.

On the negative side, their natural fickleness consequently leads to sudden mood swings. Sometimes your emotions, desires, and fears disturb the clarity needed for good use. Another problem is the fantasies and illusions you create, which often lead to disappointing relationships.

Cancer with Ascendant in Pisces

The natives of Cancer with Ascendant in Pisces are endowed with extreme sensitivity and receptivity, undoubtedly one of the greatest in the Zodiac. Cancer, when combined with Pisces, sees all its feelings, originally more focused on the family environment, extended to others and the collective.

In the professional field, these natives are not good in terms of organization and have some difficulties in making practical decisions. However, they have great goodwill and are always available to anyone who needs their help.

In the affective sphere, this native is a great seducer, who reveals himself as a romantic and passionate lover, which justifies his fame as an eternal lover. In this combination, love begins to be lived in a more plural way and, usually, it is felt more than it is spoken. But they love to please and pamper their loved ones.

On the negative side, the emotion, somewhat excessive and uncontrolled, can bring some difficulties in practical and financial life, as well as getting involved in fictional novels, with disappointing endings. Sensitive and fragile in nature, it can become an easy prey for dangerous illusions.

Leo with Ascendant in Pisces

The natives of Leo with Ascendant in Pisces have the purpose of achieving a good job in whatever area they propose. For these natives, health is also the focus of their attention, always trying to maintain a balance between body, emotion and mind.

On a professional level, its efficiency, organization and constant improvement are skills that give it an active place in the labor market and professional recognition. These natives are proud of what they do and use all their time, energy and talents in the activities they do.

In the sphere of love, Leo with Ascendant in Pisces is dedicated, but he also likes to receive in return. Sweet, sensual and cuddly, this native dreams of a perfect fairy tale. For this reason, he tends to create megalomanic illusions, easily losing touch with reality, which leads to some love illusions.

On the downside, Pisces Rising Leo natives become compulsive workers and persistent hypochondriacs. Often times, they feel diminished, rejecting tasks that they consider humiliating.

Virgo with Ascendant in Pisces

Virgo with Ascendant in Pisces is made up of contradictions: realistic and dreamy, methodical and imaginative, concerned about your safety and at the same time ready to quit. However, all these opposite components can be integrated into a personality rich in alternations and mutations.

In the professional field, these natives can live periods that fluctuate between excessive workloads and others in which there are daily breaks and evasions.

In the affective sphere, he is a sweet and sensitive person, more affectionate and extremely attentive to the needs of his partner, demonstrating his feelings through actions. Being shy, he finds it difficult to declare himself in love, although he has a poetic and strongly romantic soul.

On the negative side, Virgo with Ascendant in Pisces has a penchant for complicated, fragile or even impossible people, without evaluating that excessive weight on the back is too painful to bear for a long time.

Libra with Ascendant in Pisces

Libra with Ascendant in Pisces is an extremely adaptable native to the needs of the other. Sensitive and emotional, at the same time balanced and conciliatory, this combination seems to offer the perfect setting for a harmonious emotional encounter.

Professionally, this native has a great chance of success in all the occasions with which he associates. At work, you are considered considerate, approachable, and highly deserving of lucrative business opportunities.

In the affective sphere, he is understanding and receptive to the needs of the other. He is loving, emotional and always ready to listen. When you get emotionally involved, it is never superficial. On the contrary, he generally lives relationships fully, surrendering to the passion of body and soul. Very charming and sensual, this native exerts a strong power of attraction on others.

On the downside, in the rush to associate, the unsuspecting Libra native can rush and make the wrong decisions, drawing people with serious character deficiencies into his life. His attraction to saving people often puts him in extreme situations, where love is mixed with resentment and bitterness.

Scorpio with Ascendant in Pisces

Scorpio natives with a Pisces Ascendant have ambitious ideas and life goals, accompanied by a desire to broaden horizons and enrich the mind. Endowed with a seductive and mysterious personality, these natives seek to know everything that goes beyond the trivial.

In the professional field, they are dedicated and responsible professionals. However, they are easily shaken by emotions and feel fragile. It is not uncommon for professional and personal spheres to get lost and mixed.

In the field of love, the fact that they are so insecure makes it difficult for them to get involved with someone. But anyone who is interested in this native will discover a loving person, with a deep desire to be loved.

On the negative side, because he is extremely sensitive and deeply intuitive, he is often guided by the opinion of others, as he lacks the power to decide to impose his own will. In addition, he is easily hurt by the criticism or frankness of others.

Sagittarius with Ascendant in Pisces

The natives of Sagittarius with Ascendant in Pisces seek in contemplative silence, to understand life with a certain wisdom, and to be able to develop a broader vision of the world. Endowed with extreme sensitivity, they are able to capture everyday messages with a little more understanding and understanding. Generous and compassionate, they idealize a better and fairer world with more opportunities for all.

In the professional field, these natives aspire to realize all their career ideas and, for that, they do not save effort. When they adopt a project, they are devoted and seek to standardize their professional conduct in a correct and consistent style. Recognition is essential for you to feel encouraged on your journey of progressive growth.

On a loving level, these natives are romantics and tend to suffer greatly for love, while they may fall into infidelity because they have a hard time saying no.

On the negative, Pisces Rising Sagittarius natives are a bit misled. They want to be successful, but they lack the discipline and dedication necessary to achieve their desired success.

Capricorn with Ascendant in Pisces

When Pisces ascends to Capricorn , it adds to this native a subtle ability to understand human nature a little more. In this combination, these natives can simultaneously tune into two sides of the same personality, sometimes practical and directive, sometimes inspired and sensitive.

Professionally, motivated by a high level of maturity and perseverance, they can produce something concrete and of recognized value in their career.

In the affective sphere, the natives of Capricorn with Ascendant in Pisces value friendship and are usually very selective when it comes to choosing their partners, as they fear being influenced or invaded in their privacy. When they are in love, they are faithful and extremely devoted to their loved one.

On the negative side, these natives are experiencing conflicts between Capricorn and Pisces: ambition and withdrawal, depression and fantasy, pessimism and utopia ... Shy and extremely influential, they are often the target of false friends they believed to be trustworthy. On other occasions, critical and intransigent, they close and isolate themselves from friendships, almost always ending up alone and dissatisfied.

Aquarius with Ascendant in Pisces

The natives of Aquarius with Ascendant in Pisces have a great need to discover themselves and have moments of isolation. On the other hand, Aquarius, originally more understanding, associated with Pisces, naturally more sensitive, adds two great virtues to their qualities: empathy and understanding.

On a professional level, Aquarius with Ascendant in Pisces can work in isolated places or in activities that require great dedication combined with a wide possibility of creation. In some cases, motivated by unusual originality, you can transform gifts into talents and discover your true professional vocations.

In the affective sphere, this native is intensely attracted to complicated and “impossible” people who invariably lead to difficult relationships. Because he is very dreamy, he easily loses contact with reality, but touches the hearts of those around him because of his sensitive and charming way of being.

On the negative side, this native’s reactions have a stamp of unpredictability. Alternate passive and inactive behaviors with unforgivable outbursts of aggression and insanity. With an insecure and elusive personality, Aquarius with Ascendant in Pisces suffers great difficulties in relationships.

Pisces with Ascendant in Pisces

Duplicated Pisces sees the characteristics of the sign multiplied, which become much more evident, both in qualities and in difficulties. This Pisces is a romantic and sentimental, mystical and altruistic being, with a soul full of dreams and aspirations. In addition, he has a personality capable of feeling true compassion, offering his help to all those around him.

In the professional field, the most important thing for Pisces in duplicate is to know and work on their vocation, even because the profession, despite being a great success, does not fully satisfy them.

In the affective sphere, this native values his freedom very much, escaping from commitments and responsibilities with ease. He is continually unprotected and, due to his sensitive nature, is simply carried away by emotions.

In the negative, Pisces duplicate is a native who suffers from the problems of the sign also in double doses. There is a great risk of getting lost in multiple deviations, both in the concrete and in the spiritual and, mainly, in the mental. He often lifts his feet off the ground and mistakes fantasy for reality. At work, you do not like to assume duties and may abandon your obligations without explaining the causes or justifying the reasons.

Ascendants in the Signs and Their Personality