The Best Phases of the Moon to Do Magic and Spells

If you want your spells to be more powerful and effective, you have to pay attention to the cycles of the Moon to harness and absorb its energy. Learn about the best phases of the Moon to do magic, rituals and spells.

The influence of the Moon on Earth and in the natural and human world is more than recognized. But did you know that each moon phase corresponds to a certain type of energy that you can use to your advantage? If you want your spells to be more powerful and effective, you have to pay attention to the cycles of the Moon to harness and absorb its energy. Know the best phases of the Moon to do magic , rituals and spells.

The Influence of the Moon on the Natural World and on Magic

In the magical universe we live in, the proximity of the Moon is a connection that we cannot ignore. The Moon influences the entire natural world and human and animal fertility. Its 28-day cycle affects the oceans, and high tide occurs, as a rule, on a full moon. It is also the time when most babies are born. But every time the Moon changes, so do emotions, moods, and impulses. Actions and behaviors change and are accentuated.

The Moon in Astrology

In Astrology, the Moon is associated with emotion , intuition and creativity . Each phase of the Moon has its own meaning and influences each sign of the Zodiac differently.

Your moon sign describes your interior, while your sun sign reflects the way you present yourself to others and the impression they will take of you. Your moon sign reveals the way you relate to others, the type of relationships you develop, your mood, your most intimate needs and sensibilities.

Phases of the Moon to do Magic

By going through its different phases, the Moon establishes cyclical movements, which means that it creates a constant dynamic energy that influences the way we behave and react to many external stimuli. Learning to harness this cyclical rhythm means that we can tap into whatever energy is in the moment . Thus, by aligning your efforts with the forces of nature, you empower your desires and emotions.

When you perform your spells and charms, you can get better results if you do it in the most favorable phases of the Moon. When casting a spell, pay special attention to the quarter full, waning, and waxing moons. Each phase has a particular energy that can enhance your magic .

new Moon

This phase of the Moon favors beginnings . Are you looking for a new love? A new job? Do you want to take a new step in your life and change something? This is the best phase to start something . As you get bigger and brighter, that is the power that will give you what you have envisioned.

Crescent quarter

This phase of the Moon encourages growth and expansion . Do you want to achieve more prosperity? Strengthen a relationship? Earn more and increase your profitability? Get a promotion at work? Take advantage of this phase of the Moon to make your magic come true.

Full moon

This moon phase is ideal to sign the culmination of something or something . It allows you to see the results of what you have already started. Everything you sowed on the New Moon begins to reveal itself now. Do you want to complete a project successfully? Getting the attention of someone special? Does someone owe you money and you want to get it back? Do you want your effort to be recognized in your company? Do you want to solve a misunderstanding with someone? This is the best time to do your magic.

Last Quarter

This phase of the Moon favors losses . Do you want someone to walk away from your life? Do you need to cut expenses? End a relationship that only brings you upset? Lose weight? Cast your spell when the Moon is waning. The energy of this moon phase will help you remove the unwanted from your life and reduce the impact of negative emotions and energies that get in your way.

Black moon

When two New Moons occur in the same month, the second is called the Black Moon. This is the most powerful Moon of all , so a spell or ritual performed at this time can manifest itself more quickly.

Blue Moon

It is a similar phenomenon to the previous one, but in this case there are two Full Moons in the same month. The second is called Blue Moon . This moon phase can be especially exhilarating . The results of your spells and spells can be higher and better than in the other phases . You can also feel more energetic and vital in those moments.

Take advantage of the phases of the moon for your love spells

In the world of magic, Moon Water is a super ingredient for those who perform love spells and charms. The best time of the month to prepare is the Full Moon . It is the ideal time to fight for what you want to achieve, to declare your love to the person who makes your heart sigh and to show the world your inner strength.

Its recipe is very simple : you only need a bottle or a jug with water (if you intend to drink it, make sure it is drinkable). After filling the container with water, leave it outside your house, in the moonlight, to charge it with the lunar powers. If you prefer, you can add some crystals with a special meaning for you. Pick up the jar before sunrise.

Now that you know more about the power of the Moon phases , be sure to use your magic to make the most of your rituals and the powers of nature.