The Drama of Each Zodiac Sign


The truth is that Aries has no problem starting any drama. With little happening in your life, it seems like the world of Aries is going to be on fire at any moment. When there is drama in your life, everything else disappears and you don’t care about anything or anyone else. In moments when the drama takes hold of Aries, he is not afraid of anything and he does not care about everything that happens in his life. Right now only drama matters and only drama. He doesn’t even care what he spits out of his mouth or who he’s going to hurt. At that moment Aries wishes that the whole world was on fire, because he is fed up with everything happening to him / her.

But hey, the Aries drama also has its good part and that is that it is momentary. You are going to have those moments where it seems like everything is shit, but then you will realize that it is not worth putting on such a show for something so insignificant. And thank goodness that the drama of Aries is momentary because little was left to literally set fire to someone or something. And to relax it is best if you are alone. He hates with all his might that someone is by his side trying to calm him down because all it is going to do is put more on his nerves. Maybe sometimes Aries is a drama queen, but it’s not always like that ...


Yes, Taurus has a lot of patience, but it is not infinite and if Taurus makes a drama it is because he cannot take it anymore, really. Taurus does not like dramas and tries to avoid them whenever he can, but he is not stupid. And when he loses his temper and gets carried away by that drama, it seems that the world is going to fall on him. Taurus drama is elegant and subtle, few will realize that Taurus is not in a good time. On the outside everything seems ok, but on the inside, Taurus really wants to pull his hair out. And when you are in those moments, you know that the best thing you can do is go to your friends and that they try to give you another vision of the situation.

And thanks to his friends and his strength, it is how Taurus manages to get out of that endless loop that he had gotten into alone. His friends remind him that he has to be positive and not just get carried away by the drama and the bad things that happen in his life. His strength reminds him that, if it has been possible to get out of worse situations, he will be able to get out of it. The drama can last several days in the Taurus mind, but once it is brought out, everything changes course. Taurus is not one of those who makes a drama of anything, but it also has its moments of extreme drama.


Someone bring the crown, we’re going to crown Gemini as the official drama queen. When Geminis have drama, the world stops, there is only Geminis and no one else. He does not care what others tell him, he does not care about the rest, in those moments he does not care absolutely everyone. He becomes hysterical, dramatic, he does not listen to anyone, he does not want anything from anyone and all he wants is to shout, yell and curse. Geminis need to express themselves and they do so through their gift of speech, as is already obvious. He can unleash any outrage that no one could possibly imagine. He doesn’t even think about what he’s going to say and then what happens happens, he loses strength from his mouth and regrets it.

And worst of all, is that Gemini makes a drama of anything. Luckily, there are times when you know that it is best to take a deep breath, count to three, and let it go. But other times, you can’t control yourself and the worst happens. He is one of those who makes a drama from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed. Her life is an ongoing drama, but look, at least she’s learned to live with it and deep down she even likes to be a bit of a drama queen at times. He even laughs and is proud of it.


That it seems that Cancer is a little angel just come down from heaven, but when the drama comes into his life it becomes the worst of the worst. Cancer is never afraid to get in touch with his emotions, whatever they are and that is why he is such a dramatic person. His emotions are always on the surface. That is why things that happen to him affect him more than usual and there is always the occasional drama in his life. I don’t know how he manages, but when it is not a love drama, it is a drama with his friends, at work, in his family ... It doesn’t matter, in Cancer’s life there is always room for drama.

It seems that he has not broken a plate in his life, but then the truth is that he is capable of doing a drama of anything. And the best of all is not this, it is that Cancer dramas are those that last over time and no matter how much advice they give you or no matter how much you try to convince yourself, it will not be easy to forget about it. But thank goodness that many of these dramas are kept to himself and are not paying for it with anyone who should not. You will only vent to the people you trust most and that’s it. But we must not forget either, that Cancer dramas are those that last over time and that it is not something that Cancer will forget overnight.


Leo is not so noticeable when there are dramas in his life, because he is already a dramatic one, you have to admit it, nothing happens. But he likes to be and he is not going to change no matter how much they tell him. Leo is a dramas, but in a good way. And all of this is because you like to be the center of attention and you need your life to be like a dramatic movie. He loves to make drama out of anything that happens in his life. This is something that everyone already knows and you don’t need to talk much about it if you have a Leo in your life. But the real drama of Leo happens when he cannot get his way or when they try to contradict him in something that he believes he / she is right.

The worst of the worst can happen there. Good, Leo is the best, but bad, he can be the worst of the worst. The only thing he wants in those moments is to explode, curse, send it all to hell. Yes, Leo can form a world of anything, but then that drama passes quickly. He’s too proud to let his name get dirty over a fool’s errand. Leo can make a lot of drama out of anything, but he will keep that drama from going too far because he knows he can jeopardize things that are too valuable.


Virgo is not much of a drama about anything. Something very serious has had to happen to Virgo to form the typical drama that another person would form. It’s more of creating a drama in your head, but never exploding. Virgo is a very analytical person and likes to evaluate well all the problems in question. And before acting, think quite well what the consequences will be and that is why you are not the type to get hysterical when there are dramas in your life. He is a person who has a hard time expressing what he feels and that is why he prefers to keep the drama to himself and not externalize it because he knows that it will be worse.

Yes, Virgo can be a person with a lot of patience and a lot of temperance, but he is not stupid and when he has to explode he explodes. And thank goodness that he does it a few times, because otherwise we would all be lost. Virgo can keep the drama to himself for a long time, but if little by little that drama becomes more drama, in the end he will have no choice but to explode and it will seem that we are facing the end of the world ...


Libra can seem like a very peaceful person, very calm, who does not want any drama in their life and who avoids any conflict. But deep down, VERY deep down, it’s a little bit drama queen, but nothing out of the ordinary. Libra does not like there to be dramas in his life, he prefers to live a calm and monotonous life rather than one full of problems or dramas. And you avoid them whenever you can, but there are times when there are problems that are unavoidable and you have to deal with them. And it is so when Libra is capable of making a drama out of anything. At such times, Libra thinks the world can end.

As he is not used to these problems, it seems that the world is coming to him. And the worst of all is that it costs him a lot to tell others to help him, but there is already a moment when it is inevitable and he is forced to tell it.

But it must also be said that Libra really likes other people’s dramas. He loves to help his friends when they are going through some drama and this sometimes even gets Libra into moves that he shouldn’t. But luckily Libra knows how to seek peace in those situations and in the end everything ends up being less dramatic than he thought.


Scorpio is not a person to mount a lot of dramas, but as the cable crosses him, he is capable of pulling shit from where it cannot be removed. As long as you have a drama with Scorpio, it is capable of taking history from the past, the present and the future. Because it is so, Scorpio does not forget a single detail and knows when is the best time to take it out and do harm. We all know that Scorpio is a very passionate person and that he has that passion in all aspects of his life, for the good and for the bad. His feelings are super strong both to love and to hate and that is why you have to be very careful when Scorpio has dramas in his life.

Since Scorpio is already a person who feels things much more than others, people are not surprised when they see him in that state of maximum drama. Even when drama invades his life, he becomes hysterical and aggressive, to the point that he scares himself. If you are around Scorpio when there is drama, you better take cover and wait for the storm to pass.


Sagittarius is one of those who already makes drama with anything, it is also a little drama queen sometimes, but not always. With the positive that usually is, as you cross the wires, your life seems like a play. As some problem happens in his life, he is able to call all his friends to tell them about everything that is happening. Come on, the life of Sagittarius serves as a script for a Hollywood movie. When it is not one thing, it is another, he does not know how he manages it, but he is always involved in dramas. You don’t seek them out, but they come into your life just like that (or that’s what Sagittarius says).

The worst part is that when that drama really affects you, it can get very angry or upset. You can even pay it with whom you do not owe. He loses his temper at any moment and is capable of doing anything when anger takes hold of Sagittarius. Luckily that state of maximum drama lasts a short time in Sagittarius. Since he has many things in his life, he will soon find something better to do and ciao drama.


Capricorn is a person who does not want dramas in his life and will do everything possible to avoid them always. In that aspect it is more about going to his ball, assuming his responsibilities and focusing on what really matters. Capricorn does not waste time giving importance to things that are not worth it. He has a lot of patience and a lot of stamina, but there are things that no one would ever put up with. And it’s those things that really make Capricorn go into that state of outright drama. That state in which Capricorn loses patience, nerves, north and even hair. This doesn’t happen many times, but when it does, it’s important for those around you to prepare for the worst.

Capricorn always tries to maintain his composure, but when he loses his patience it is impossible. Morals have already touched him a lot and he is forced to accept the drama. Yes, the storm will be quite strong and no one will be saved from it, but Capricorn at least does it directly, politely and without contemplation. Luckily Capricorn has a temperance that nothing and no one will be able to take away from him, because if not, we would all be totally lost.


Aquarius is a pretty easygoing person, he escapes a lot from drama situations and does not seem to be the type of person who goes where he is not called. But it’s that cold, distant attitude that makes him a drama queen at times. Going to your ball, always going your way, and pretending you don’t care about anything only makes it more obvious that you are running away from something. Yes, it seems that it happens of moves, but as they touch him a little where they do not have to touch him, the drama is already served.

Aquarius tries not to attract attention and to go unnoticed, but those emotions that he always has saved are what make him lose his nerves when he does not have to lose them. If you look for him a lot, in the end you will end up meeting the Aquarius that you did not want to meet. That, although he seems like a calm person, he actually gets angry quickly and is capable of putting on a show when things don’t go his / her way. But the good thing about this is that Aquarius when he thinks about it coldly, feels bad for having behaved like this and always ends up apologizing to all the people who were affected by his drama ...


Things clear from the beginning, the real king of drama is Pisces. But on top of that, he is proud of it and feels good when there is drama. He’s so used to drama in his life that when there isn’t, he feels empty. He is a person with so many feelings that it is his feelings that cause most of the dramas that happen in his life. And when there are no dramas in his life, Pisces gets into the dramas of others. Every cloud has a silver lining. Because he’s so kind, he wants to help everyone who’s not in a good time, and he helps so much that he ends up where he didn’t have to.

Also his empathy and his way of feeling what others feel, is what makes him such a dramatic person. It is that Pisces is capable of doing anything for others and in the end that is why it goes where it should not be and everything ends in drama. Pisces life is drama, drama, and more drama. Good thing he’s gotten used to it by now and knows he has no other option.