Which Are the Most Terrifying Signs That You Should Know


What can Aries terrify you the most? Is there something that can kill your most cane and courageous streak? Well, although it seems surprising if there is an Aries and you know it very well. Losing a long-lasting friendship or distancing yourself from someone very important to you can hurt you much more than anyone would ever imagine, Aries, and you know it.

You give a very wrong first impression Aries, you are a tough person who can handle everything (which of course is like that) and who is very carefree with his heart, you know very, very well that it is the opposite and that you do care what your Aries people might think of you, and if they left because of it, you’d savor absolute panic. The fear of being left without your people because of your actions is one of your most feared fears.


The fear of change, the fear that a bond that has been in your life for a long time will be broken Taurus, the fear of ceasing to be you to start being someone very different is what scares you the most and you know it.

You are a person with a very serious reaction capacity Taurus, seriously, many people would rather have that survival instinct that characterizes you when you have to face a problem, for that reason, you should not take changes as something negative, You have to adopt it as something new that will help you to put yourself into action and make your intelligence never stop learning.

Think that change is sometimes necessary Taurus, that change can be a new opportunity to reinvent yourself and make a difference again. Do not be afraid of what may come, because in the unpredictable sometimes wonderful things are hidden.


Your biggest Gemini fear is not being able to be you and having no idea what to do to prevent that from happening and you know it. You do not want to do what others consider correct because you are a very restless soul, a traveler and always willing to experiment in whatever way to discover and learn as a person.

When you find yourself somewhere where everything is flocks of people who are the same, you become very uncomfortable, those places where you cannot be you do not like Geminis, you are very afraid that they will influence you and make you move away from your true self .

You empathize a lot with your environment, it’s not a question of being a changeable person, okay? That is why you hate not being able to be who you really are because of the fear of what they will say or, simply, because it does not come out. Authentic people like you need environments free of prejudices and basic rules.


What is Cancer that really scares you? Being lonelier than the typical person who goes out to feed the ducks in a crab pond and you know it more than enough. You don’t like loneliness at all, but being slapped by the reality that you can become lonely because of people’s rejection is what really terrifies you.

You may like loneliness when you need your personal space, many times loneliness is what makes you calm down when you get angry and because it is a short space of time and you know it can end, but rejection is something else, rejection can be the ax that tears your heart apart and you know it. The idea that you are with someone and that someone erases the affection that exists between the two of you, it kills you inside Cancer, you are quite afraid of that pain ...


For you Leo, it is much more pleasant to be essential than to be someone of the lot and not stand out for anything special. You know it Leo, you love being the center of attention but deep down, it’s all because you deserve it, because to get to that point you have to work hard and you do it. YOU KNOW Leo.

The fear of being someone else, someone from the lot and going unnoticed kills you Leo, you do not like at all that they belittle you but, that they do not take you into account, that they treat you like someone else when you do everything except that. you like nothing ... Because if you are with someone, you make that someone feel like the most special person on earth and in return, you want the same thing or you even settle for what they can give. Neither more nor less, a fair deal.


If there is something that can end in a very careful Virgo electrical storm, of course it is you without having a single iota of control over your life, your decisions, your thoughts, your dreams, your choices ...

Your need to control and dominate is much more damaging to you than you would like to recognize Virgo, you know, but control is what gives you peace of mind in a way, always your way. Control could be one of the main bases of your success, because thanks to it you do not get carried away by impulses and you always focus on your main objective. For you, control is essential and without it, you feel like a dwarf fish in a huge ocean. You know it Virgo and that terrifies you, you are very afraid of being able to lose control and let yourself be carried away by the madness of letting yourself flow and go aimlessly and without anything planned. Before jumping into the void you already know how much that void measures and you know it.


The mop stabs that come from people for whom you would be willing to put your hand on fire for their innocence, are the ones that hurt you the most Libra, those are the ones that get you to have the worst nightmares and you know it. That kind of disgust makes you distrust even your shadow, it terrifies you a lot to know that the people around you are not to be trusted. Of people you would give your life for, people to whom you have told many things, the kind of people who put a good face on you but then slash the biggest thing when you are not in front of you, they are scum that makes you feel true fear Libra, because you can have your character you can be whatever you are, but you will never let yourself be embraced by that great lack of respect, you will never go to the side of betrayal and even less when it comes to someone of yours.That they sell you, that they betray and deceive you, it kills you.


You like to give off a lot of Scorpio security, you love that people have respect for you and that they know that you are a Scorpio in its purest form and that you do not need anyone to reach the top. But you know what? That this is a front, it is a simple facade so that your vulnerability is not seen and you know it. You do not want people to see your most sensitive side Scorpio, you are very afraid that that very intimate part of you will be seen by anyone, because that means that anyone can touch it and that kills you, not another thing, but that they know where to give you To hurt you is something that scares you too much.

You have so much love to give Scorpio, so much sensitivity to show and so many things that no one could ever imagine that you really have it, that you love that they are safe and that they are not seen by anyone. Point. Let them know that that part of you exists before they meet you, it scares you too much.


Your biggest fear is NOT being able to make all the things you want to do come true, that you DO NOT have the freedom to do or undo as you please and you know it Sagittarius. Being restricted, emotionally blackmailed and prevented from being yourself in a subtle way, Sagittarius scares you because you are not one of those people who are looking at the bad side of people.

You always believe in the good side of people and the last thing you can think of is that they can clip your wings. That scares you, very scary, although it is logical that to tie yourself to you almost takes an army, but just the fact that they are raised terrifies you and you don’t like it at all. You are a free soul, adventurous, very respectful and lover of adventures. You enjoy traveling, you love exploring and that they want to take all that away from you, it kills you with panic.


The fear of failing again, of failing from scratch or simply failing, is something that has stolen your sleep many Capricorn nights and you know it. You are a very hardworking person and the fact that this is not taken into account hurts you. But what really terrifies you is failing even after trying everything. If you failed for not having done anything it is logical, there or you would get angry because you are a very coherent person and if you have not done your job well you recognize it. But for you to fail when you’ve worked hard, it kills you inside.

That you do not have the results you want, makes your nerves go to China without a return ticket for a long season, because there is nothing to fear more than failure with a lot of hard work behind it. And no, you do not want success because supposedly you deserve it, if you want it, it is because you know that you have given everything of yourself. And what a minimum to have something good right? not having it kills you Capricorn.


Being forced to be someone else, someone from the pile, one more bloody sheep of the herd that follows everyone for fear of being left alone, can be your great downfall Aquarius and you know it. You are the person with the greatest traveling spirit, the most bohemian, creative, free, independent and healthy that no one can imagine, and the one who is imposed as a punishment to be someone else and who prevents you from standing out for being the rarity of the group that always escapes from the conventional, terrifies you a lot and you know it.

Many people live in fear that their life will be radically changed and that all their plans will be ruined, but you Aquarius, that is your fear. Your fear is that your life will be no more than an ordinary life free from any exciting adventure. You, the risk, the changes and the unpredictable, you like it. Point.


That others disagree with you and show it in their words, Pisces is worth to you. That they do not think the same as you and that they defend their position, too, because first of all you are a respectful person and you defend the freedom of all people, but now, that they criticize you and that to top that criticism is to cause harm, it terrifies you a lot of Pisces and you know it.

That they tell you what they think without stopping to think for even a second if that hurts you or not Pisces consumes you and hurts you, that they do not take into account your feelings makes you afraid, you dislike a lot ... Yes, that you Heart is already old school and that it has been made of iron and things no longer affect you so much, but that all this comes from someone you love, know and admire, Pisces kills you, that panic that you get when a friend he allows himself to be embraced by the critics and does not take you into account, he is quite big and you know it more than enough.