What Do Cancer Miss in Love Relationships

A healed heart. A heart with new energy, with more strength, with a new iron shell and with a good lesson learned. Love yourself above all else. Loving yourself sooner and better, and letting others work hard to have your love. Do not give before receiving. Do not abuse his kindness. A heart that knows what it is to love healthily and what it is to really take care of yourself. That is what you would lack right now Cancer, the only thing that would really urge you.

Money can give you some happiness and independence right now, but money is not going to solve your fears, your INSECURITIES and your internal ghosts.

There are ghosts of the past and present, who want to sneak into your future Cancer and that you should not allow.

Right now your heart is somewhat sore, somewhat broken, somewhat tired of being the one who always really suffers ... It needs you to rebuild it again, crab, it needs you to take a lot of quality time for yourself and to do it right now. No, this job does not belong to your partner. This responsibility does not belong to the person who loves you Cancer, this time you have to be the one who does it, because your love life can take a very radical turn if you learn to take care of yourself and without taking others away.

Try it, do it and fly away the problems that really affect you and everything that is left over from your Cancer life right now. Rebuild the positive energy of your heart, because curves, projects and experiences are very strong and renewing and you have to be READY for it. Your social, sentimental and sexual life will be pleasantly renewed. I will see it.