Why Dating a Cancer Woman Is Not Easy?

Cancer can be very difficult to know, very difficult. She is intuitive and what she says is almost always what she feels. She is emotional and sensitive, very sensitive but make no mistake, she is not weak at all ... Sometimes she suffers for the feelings of others, for what they go through and for what they grieve. It is a water sign, we must not forget it, and it is always guided by what marks the heart ...

The Cancer woman always lets herself go, if she feels it, she does it, if she believes that it is what she most wants in the world at that moment, she will launch herself, even if it is not what she needs the most ... She has in her head the idea that love, if it’s true, can last forever. So, when you approach her, make things very clear to her, leave your intentions on the table from minute one. She will know what to do next.

Cancer has many friends, and in fact, with something very important to her. Seriously, she may want to spend her entire life with you, by your side, but she needs to have her space as well.

You need to go out with your people, with your family, have a social life and free yourself from everything a bit.

So don’t try to clip its wings when it wants to breathe. She will not be unfaithful and will not betray, when she is in love she gives everything, EVERYTHING. And yes, it only has eyes for you. Don’t be an idiot please, and instead of thinking things that aren’t, LISTEN to her more and try to understand her. Cancer wants to be with you because if not, they would not have chosen you.

When he becomes close to you, when he suddenly breaks that shell that sometimes makes it a little harder with everything, he will give you everything in his power to make you happy. He will put you in his family, in his group of friends and he will treat you as a special person, as someone important, as THE MOST important.

The Cancer girl is not in a hurry to fall in love but it is true that she likes that feeling, she likes to be in love, she likes those butterflies that make noise inside her stomach and the sensation that one feels. But no, she will not choose the first person who crosses her life, she will not give her everything because, unfortunately, she has already done it many times ... You must respect her and earn her trust, and as one day she will never forget betrayal, of In fact, he will never forgive ...

Cancer likes home life, he likes it a lot and he does not play pingo all day, although he knows that from time to time he needs it. She loves those cold afternoons in which the sofa, a blanket, a good ice cream and a movie next to the love of her life are her highest aspiration. True, in simplicity there are often the most beautiful and beautiful things.

Cancer seeks real connections, with her, you will feel that you have a fucking shoulder to let go of all your sorrows, an ear that will listen to all your mistakes, and hands that will caress your soul.

Having a Cancer woman by your side is unique, and in fact, everyone regrets when they lose her. Sooner or later it always happens. Sooner or later they always cry. She is protective, she will take care of you to death, she is a fucking love with you and yours and you know that, although she may be a little crazy goat and she does not know very well what she wants or what she is looking for in life, her background it’s good, very good ...

Connect with her, make her find a way with you strong, make her fall in love with her mind. And let it be ... Always.