What Annoys Gemini Most

Being told can NOT be provocative. Sometimes you like it, you like it because it’s a little sensuality game. Sometimes it ignites the spark of ... where you already know, but to be told NO when you talk about an important topic and you want to hear a ... bad YES. It is not that Geminis irritates you, it is that it directly destroys any thread of patience that you have safely.

That is a small appetizer of everything that can irritate you more than anything in this world. Because as a star dish, we must highlight the thing that can really make you lose control. It’s not that it irritates you, it’s that it turns you on at times. Your body heat and bad mood are increasing. In the same way that foam rises ... your irritation increases when they tell you to shut up: SHUT UP.

The nuclear bomb that ends your patience at once Gemini. That they demand silence when you want to make noise, that they don’t let you speak. That they cut you when you are telling something and that they demand that you lower your voice.

The demons lead you down the path of madness when you have to run into people so rude that they do not let you express yourself however you want, when you want and in the way you want. Good thing it only irritates you and that it doesn’t affect you. What’s more, you are more like turning the tables and shouting louder the more they tell you to shut up. It is like this, so that they learn and come back for another. And we no longer talk about not knowing where you have left the house keys, not having a clue what you were going to do and not remembering the birthday of someone very special. That little cocktail of forgetfulness can also irritate Geminis, and you know it.