What Makes Gemini the Most Powerful Sign?

Power can reside in many of our traits, it is within our personality and also within our mind. There are many of our traits that can become a super powerful person, we simply have to bring our full potential to light. What makes you so powerful or powerful, Gemini, is that intelligence and wit that you have to make others laugh, to turn any dull moment into something full of fun. This, in addition to making you a powerful person, makes you someone with a big heart and a lot of empathy.

You may think that being so fun and cheerful does not make you a valuable person, but in reality, helping others so much to be happy makes you a successful person in life.

People who are funny and who know how to make people laugh are generally very smart and resourceful people. Your greatest power, Gemini, lies in your sense of humor. It is so special that it is priceless, you have the heart, the personality and the wit to make anyone happy. You are capable of making a joke of anything in order to get a smile from that person ...

What also gives you a lot of power, Gemini, is that ability you have to open your mind. Nobody can say that you have a closed mind because it is totally a lie. You are open, understanding and very tolerant. You are that friend with whom you can talk about anything without being afraid of being judged. What’s more, you love learning new things and exchanging your thoughts with others.

For you, Gemini, what is different is what is special, it is what makes you learn and mature. It’s that curiosity and enthusiasm that keeps you constantly out of your comfort zone and trying new things. This gives you a great advantage over closed-minded people because you, Geminis, are able to take advantage of all the opportunities that life offers.

While other people waste their precious time in criticizing, in giving their opinion, in judging too much, you spend that time in knowing more, in experiencing new things and in opening your mind much more.

You have a lot of power within you, Gemini, and worst of all, it’s hard for you to recognize it. You have to start accepting yourself, trusting you, loving yourself, being much more optimistic. Look, Gemini, in you there is much more power than you imagine, make the most of it as you can ...