7th House in Astrology: Relationships and Couples

The 7th House represents the relationships of all kinds that we have with others. The “I” learns that it cannot develop on its own, and therefore this is the House of Relationships.

Once in the 7th House, the “I” is ready to start relating to others. In this House, the personality learns that it cannot develop alone and, therefore, this is the House of relationships. The 7th House marks the Descending sign , the westernmost point of the birth chart , that is, the sign that was being placed on the western horizon at the moment of birth.

With the 6th House, the last of the “Personal Houses”, the person knows exactly what he is like and what distinguishes him from the others. Recognize that you are unique. From the First to the Sixth House, the personality evolved and improved through work, service to others, humility, and the attention you paid to the world around you.

Seventh House

  • Sphere - Relationships and couples
  • Planet - Venus
  • Sign - Libra
  • Element - Air
  • Quality - Cardinal
  • Polarity - Male
  • Position - Angular
  • Physiology - Crotch
  • Places - Marital Home
  • Color - Brown and blue
  • Keywords - relationships, unity, other people, interaction, known enemies, divorce, political or business affairs, diplomacy, court proceedings.

The 7th House is also known as the “House of Matrimony” and as the “House of Declared Enemies”. Here, “marriage” is understood as any type of relationship that involves a commitment over time, such as marriage itself, a business relationship, partnerships, contracts, negotiations, diplomacy, agreements, and declared enemies.

The 7th House also governs business with foreigners, relations between countries (friendly or hostile), political or commercial affairs, divorces, litigation and diplomatic affairs in general.

Descendant and the 7th House

The Descendant sign is the cusp (initial line) of the 7th House, the third angular House of the birth chart and the point opposite the Ascendant sign .

The Descendant , the westernmost point in the birth chart, disappears when we are born. So it seems to hide what’s inside of us. It reflects what we think we are not, what we do not want to admit exists in our personality. For Astrology, the qualities that we look for in relationships (described by the planets and signs present in the 7th House) represent what we reject in ourselves but that, in some way, we need to integrate into our personality to feel complete.

Then, as we do not recognize them in ourselves, let us look in others. In the people with whom we seek to relate. For example, if we have an entrepreneurial spirit, but we do not have a vocation for numbers, we will have to look for a business partner with recognized capacity for calculations and finances.

It is a complement, an improvement of our capabilities, looking for someone to complete us and help us evolve and achieve our goals. After all, when we cooperate with others, make contracts and partnerships, we are also helping ourselves.

In traditional Astrology, the Ascendant sign is considered “self-consciousness” and the Descending sign as “the consciousness of others”. The 7th house describes our relationships, the qualities we look for in our partner (love, friendship, work) and the experiences we need to live to understand the meaning of others .

Studying the Descending sign allows us to discover the type of people who appear in our lives with whom we tend to create true connections, the qualities we would like to see in our romantic partner, or what attracts us in others.

Planets and Signs in the 7th House

By studying the planets and signs present in the 7th House, astrologers indicate the type of people that attract us. What qualities we value and look for in others.

For example, a person with the Moon in the 7th House, can look for a partner to take care of her and take care of her. A person with Mars in the 7th House can value other qualities in a partner, such as strength, dynamism and the ability to take action. It can also mean that you are looking for someone to make the decisions, to guide you through life.

In situations where there is more than one planet positioned in the 7th House, the reading is more complex since there are multiple characteristics of different planets that influence the same House. A person with Uranus and Saturn in the 7th House can indicate the search for someone who provides stability and security (transmitted by Saturn), but also an individualistic and unpredictable person (characteristics of Uranus).

House 7 - Complementarity and Confrontation

In addition to describing the nature of the couple, the signs and planets positioned in the 7th House, they suggest the types of relationships that the person seeks or with which they identify most.

Taking into account that House 7 is committed to House 1 , what we look for in others is reflected in who we are, our own personality. In this sense, the two Houses are related to relationships and this axis is highly considered in the reading of the birth chart . We tend to look for in the other what we consider our main qualities (sometimes unconscious), or the qualities that we consider complementary to our own way of being.

For a relationship to be successful, in love, in friendship or at work, we tend to relate to the people with whom we identify. Frequent coexistence, joint decision-making, negotiation of interests presupposes a set of values and an aligned vision of life. Otherwise, it is difficult to reach consensus and compromise or even understand the other’s position and options.

The presence of Saturn can indicate a relationship based on duties and obligations. Mars is more prone to “love at first sight”, relationship distress, spontaneous decision making, stormy and passionate relationships. Jupiter reveals the possibility of multiple relationships.

From House 7 to House 12 , the personality begins from its individuality, from the consciousness of being unique, to connect with others.

House 7 and the “Declared Enemies”

If the 7th House reflects the attributes that we do not want to see in our personality, because we consider them unacceptable or unpleasant, we would not like to see them in other people either. This conflict generally leads to enmity and confrontation. From this notion, arises the connotation of the 7th House as a framework for “declared enemies” - public enemies, those enemies we know how to recognize.

However, we can also reject certain positive qualities that exist in our personality but that others do not reflect. Therefore, we fall in love, to feel complete. Often, the qualities are projected in such a way in the couple (love or business) that we can cancel ourselves. Only half a person left.

For example, a person with Mars in the 7th House may not be in touch with his own power and look for a person in whom he recognizes that quality. He projects his own being in search of the other in an attempt to complete himself. However, this person may get tired of taking orders and will soon start giving them himself. Discover Mars itself. Thus, the qualities that we look for in the other end up being integrated into our own personality .

House 7 and the Identity of the “I”

Relating to others is an innate need. We cannot (or it is extremely painful) to live in isolation. Living with others is a factor of personal evolution. We improve as people when we interact with others. When we act in function of others.

This topic can pose a dilemma for the personality (again, it’s called the House 1 and House 7 axis). How do I reconcile my “I” with the “I” of others? To what extent can the personality abdicate what it wants or its identity for the benefit of the other? Cooperation or affirmation? How is the ego in the middle of this situation?

The 7th House gives us the task of finding the balance between who we are and living together. Others are our other half and the way we relate to them reflects who we are. More or less tolerant, more or less loving, more or less dedicated.

The 12 Houses in Astrology

  • House 1 - Individual Identity (the “I”)
  • House 2 - Money, Earnings and Possessions
  • House 3 - Mind, Environment and Brothers
  • House 4 - Home
  • House 5 - Creative Self-Expression, Hobbies and Fun
  • House 6 - Work, Health and Small Animals
  • House 7 - Couple and Marriage
  • House 8 - Sex, Death and Birth
  • House 9 - Philosophy and Adventure
  • House 10 - Career and Social Statutes
  • House 11 - Friends and Community
  • House 12 - Spirituality and Subconscious