6th House in Astrology: Work, Health and Small Animals

In the 6th House, the desire to create, to materialize, gives us the belief that there are no limits to the expression of our “I”.

Our journey through the Houses continues and we arrive at House 6. We are barely in House 1. At House 2, we discover that we are unique. In House 3, we externalize our personality, in House 4 we discover our identity and in House 5, we reveal ourselves to the world.

After the need for self-expression in House 5 , where our “I” needs to stand out, shine and be recognized, we come to House 6. Here, we no longer believe that we are “everything”, but we still believe that we can be or do anything . Everything is within our reach. The desire to create, to materialize, gives us the belief that there are no limits to the expression of our “I”.

Sixth house

  • Sphere - Service, health and small animals
  • Planet - Mercury
  • Sign - Virgo
  • Element - Earth
  • Quality - Mutable
  • Polarity - Female
  • Position - Cadent
  • Physiology - Intestines and abdomen
  • Places - Hospitals, workplace
  • Color - Dark brown
  • Key Words - work, service, employment, coworkers, efficiency, occupations, vocation, daily routine, health and small animals

6th House - Our Vocation is to Be Ourselves

In the 6th House, we are led to think about the need to return to Earth. Gradually, we go out to meet others. It is time to remember our natural limits and the inevitability of better defining who we really are .

At this stage, we realize that our real value is not outside of us, in the recognition we find in others, but within us . In our inner nature and who we are (with ourselves and with others) and we practice every day. Our vocation is to be ourselves.

The 6th House raises the following question: although the expression of creativity (object of House 5 ) is necessary and fundamental for the development of the personality, do we do it in an intelligent way? The time has come to think if our wishes are realistic and if what we do also considers the interests of others.

The 6th House represents another ladder in the evolution of the personality. It’s great to want to create, but do we do it with a purpose? Or is it just to satisfy our ego, turning out to be redundant and intrusive? The 6th House invites us to make this inner reflection: what are our priorities ? Are we making good use of our power and capabilities? Do we know how to recognize the true nature of our personality and the limits of our humanity?

The 6th House shows us how we can develop who we really are and makes us unique . If we don’t really know each other, we act against our nature. We are frustrated, stressed and feel bad. They are the type of emotions that tell us that something is not right. Alerts that indicate the need to rethink options and, perhaps, change the direction of our life. That adjustments may be necessary to find the desired harmony.

The 6th House explores how our “being” relates to the outside world and integrates the experiences it provides . It is expressed through work and in how our minds and feelings adapt to stimuli and the reality of everything that is external to us.

Although we all submit to worldly tasks, from which there is no escape, there is a sense of mission that we create for ourselves. The Sixth House tells us how our deepest “I” finds that fragile balance point and adjusts to what comes from the outside and that it can have some kind of impact on who we are and what we want for ourselves.

House 6 - Work and Employment

Our relationship with work can be more or less positive. For some people, careers are a priority and it is in this field that they are fulfilled. Others go to work every day because that is how they make a living. In any case, the routine inherent in the performance of a profession allows us to structure our day to day. It forces you to make plans, review priorities, and make decisions. In social terms, it is this collective workforce that makes it evolve and allows it to do new things.

The alignment of the planets and signs in the 6th House suggests the occupations for which we can present a greater natural inclination, according to the talents recognized by Astrology for each of the signs and the type of planetary energies present in the birth chart. .

Mars and Aries , for example, suggest independent personalities, who prefer to work on their own and pursue professions such as car drivers, insurance agents, or psychologists. Sol and Leo , show talent for professions where they can exercise authority, such as judge, teacher, manager or lawyer. Venus and Libra , in turn, can extend the passion for aesthetics to the professional field in occupations such as interior decoration, fashion or design. In the description of each sign , you can find other information on this topic.

But, in addition to describing talents and possible career opportunities , the positions of the planets and signs in the 6th House also suggest an attitude toward work. It is not just what we do but the way we do it. Some astrological personalities are more independent and happy when they have the power of decision ( Aries , Taurus , Leo ), while others do not need leadership positions ( Capricorn , Pisces ).

On the other hand, the 6th House shows us how we are at work : dominant or subservient, fair or inattentive to the needs of others, impartial or we play according to the side that benefits us the most. Of course, as in all aspects of Astrology, it is not about making value judgments or pointing the finger, but about self-knowledge. Recognizing here some personality trait that we do not objectively identify with (or that we are not aware of), we can reflect and change. Adjust our action to our way of being.

House 6 - Relationships and Environment

The 6th House serves as preparation for the relationships we will establish in the 7th House by describing how we relate to who we serve and who serves us. Humility and work are the qualities that stand out the most here.

The way we use our time and the kind of environment that makes us happy is another facet of this House. The planets and signs that line up in this House show what we value most in our home and workplace. While Mars , for example, has enough energy and resourcefulness to tidy up the House, Neptune can easily get distracted by details and end the day with just about everything to do.

6th House and Health

Work and health are often linked. Health is another concern of House 6. Having an occupation is an important part of building our personality. Professional activity provides personal evolution, recognition and utility.

If, on the one hand, overwork negatively affects health, its absence makes us indifferent and lazy. Lack of employment deprives us not only of a source of livelihood, but also of a sense of worth and purpose.

The 6th House encourages us to keep our bodies and minds healthy. The harmony between emotions and physical health allows us to carry out the tasks that we take care of every day, but, above all, to live in peace.

The 6th House also values technical skills. After all, it is your domain that allows us to competently perform our work. At the same time, good performance is reflected in better career opportunities, increased learning, better monetary compensation, and a decent standard of living.

House 6 and the Little Animals

Small animals also appear in House 6. Many people adopt pets and find great comfort and friendship in their presence. In some cases, the relationship they establish with them is so strong that they take care of and dedicate a lot of time and effort to their well-being. For some people, pets are true companions that alleviate loneliness and a sense of worthlessness. For those who have such a strong connection to their pets, death and loss can be a very traumatic experience and trigger a host of less desirable psychological consequences.

Beginning of a New Stage of Personal Growth

Until now, the purpose of our journey through the Astrological Houses has been to get to know ourselves. Understand who we are, what is important to us and our personal fulfillment, how we treat and see other people who are important to us, and how we put our talents to use. Starting in the 7th House , we will join the others.

The 12 Houses in Astrology

  • House 1 - Individual Identity (the “I”)
  • House 2 - Money, Earnings and Possessions
  • House 3 - Mind, Environment and Brothers
  • House 4 - Home
  • House 5 - Creative Self-Expression, Hobbies and Fun
  • House 6 - Work, Health and Small Animals
  • House 7 - Couple and Marriage
  • House 8 - Sex, Death and Birth
  • House 9 - Philosophy and Adventure
  • House 10 - Career and Social Statutes
  • House 11 - Friends and Community
  • House 12 - Spirituality and Subconscious