What Leo Will Never Do

What is it that you wouldn’t do for all the gold in the Leo world? Easy. Accepting a secondary role, a low position or a second position is an option that will never be an option in your life. You know it very, very well, Leo. You are a very competitive person and you were born to be a leader. What’s more, you are the best leader in the entire zodiac and just the fact of having to accept a bet that is not yours, you do not like anything. Leo, you are like that, it comes as standard to want to be the best person in every way.

You really enjoy working hard and seeing the positive result of your success. But in your case a positive result is the winning position and no, the secondary position, for you that is like losing….

As a good jungle lion, you don’t let anyone stick their noses at your prey and you know it. second goals are not made for people like you. Gifts of consolation for a job well done are not for you, Leo, either. It is what it is, a person with your fighting spirit YES OR YES has to achieve their goals. In your case, sometimes it is not enough just to reach them. In your case, there are times when you even dream and manage to turn them around a thousand times and reinvent yourself day by day. Being a Leo is like that, being a Leo is being a genius in person.

May God bless the person who tries to refute you who wants to take away your gold position Leo, because he does not know the hell that awaits him. That’s right, get involved with a lion and you will only see how you plummet, downhill, without brakes and with all the ballots to never win again.