What Makes Leo the Most Powerful Sign?

Power can reside in many of our traits, it is within our personality and also within our mind. There are many of our traits that can become a super powerful person, we simply have to bring our full potential to light. There is no doubt, Leo, that your greatest power is that way you trust and believe in yourself. That self-love is something a million people wanted to have, Leo, and you are lucky to have it naturally. You are a very powerful person and you know it.

You are full of confidence in yourself and that is what makes you achieve whatever you set your mind to.

It is obvious that you know that you are not perfect, you also have your defects and your insecurities like everyone else, but what makes you so powerful is knowing how to accept yourself for being the way you are, with your pluses and your minuses. Despite all that, you know how to trust your abilities and your power as such. Leo, you will never accept yourself for less than you are, you will never give up your power. You always have the necessary strength to go forward, to believe in yourself and precisely because of that, you will never be able to give up your dreams.

That is also what makes you so powerful, Leo, that ability you have to never give up. Persistence and endurance are the keys to success, and what a coincidence that you have both, Leo. It does not matter how big the stones are on the road, because you know that you have the necessary strength to overcome them, to remove them and move forward. No matter how difficult it is, because you will always try your best to achieve your goals.

You will never take no for an answer and even if you see that it is impossible, you will always look for alternatives to your dreams, be that as it may.

That people tell you that you are not going to be able to do something or force you to give up, the only thing that is going to do is push you even more to fulfill your dreams, is give you much more energy to fight for it. It is clear that being a Leo is not easy, being a person with so much power sometimes costs a lot. But still, you know how to get the most out of it, you know how to take advantage of every moment and that is really what makes you so powerful, squeeze every minute as if it were your last.