When Libra Finds Its Perfect Match

Libra knows that they have found their perfect match when they FINALLY leave all their doubts behind. When he is able to stop all his insecurities and all his questions. There is no more “what if ...?” Now you are 100% sure that you want that person by your side in the future. With her, Libra has stopped worrying about their freedoms. Because before he was afraid of committing himself to someone and that that person would not be able to respect his freedom and his space. In the past, Libra has always had problems because they were afraid of missing opportunities to be with that person, but now it is not like that.

You have already met someone who has made you understand what love is. You already know what it is to connect so much with a person that you cannot imagine a life without them.

Libra feels that the person who has been waiting for so long is in front of him when he knows that he is being valued as he deserves. When they know how to listen to everything they have inside and out. But also when it makes him control his impulses and reminds him to think a little more before acting if he does not want to regret it later.

Libra now feels at peace because he has found someone different. Someone who has that spark that makes him see things in a different way. Someone who did not enter into Libra’s plans, because, even if he had no established canon, he has realized that that person has broken all the barriers that Libra had in place. Although it seemed, Libra was not demanding, he was simply waiting for that person to leave him speechless. And so it has been because now he feels totally sure of himself and ready to take over the world.