What Are the Positive and Negative of Sagittarius

We all, absolutely all of us have our good things and our not so good things. We are not perfect and surely we will never be, although many do not like that ... All signs have our positive traits, but also negative traits and these are yours, Sagittarius.

To begin, we are going to talk about your most positive traits, because there are many good things that can be talked about about you. One of your best traits, Sagittarius, is that you are a very intelligent person. In your mind there are a lot of ideas, you are very creative, you like to learn new things and share your experiences with others.

You are a restless ass by nature and that is what has made you such a smart person.

You have lived so long, you have been in so many places, you have met so many people that your mind is full of ideas, of cultures, of thoughts. And, in addition, you love to share them with others. Just being with you is quite an adventure because you always have something to impress. You are a very active and optimistic person, as we have said before, you are a restless ass, Sagittarius, you love being from here to there, traveling, going out, enjoying life. You never stop because if you don’t get bored and you hate that.

You need action and movement in your life. And the best of all is that you are a very positive person, you always see the glass half full, you are able to see the good in any problem.

No matter how bad it is going for you, no matter how sad you are, you always know how to move forward. And although it may not seem like that at first, you have a huge heart . You are very kind to everyone, you always worry about making others smile and helping them solve any of their problems. And also, for you, Sagittarius, it makes you happy to make others happy.

But not everything is rosy and you are not perfect, Sagittarius. You also have traits that I should try to change, simply for your sake. One of your negative traits, Sagittarius, is that you should be a little more tactful . Being honest is something that many of us appreciate, really, Sagittarius, it is not a bad thing, but you should be much more careful. We don’t want you to stop being so sincere, what we want is for you to take care of the way you say things.

It’s okay to be so direct with the people you trust, but if you still haven’t overcome that barrier, you’d better be careful with the words you spout out of your mouth.

You are also a very impatient person , Sagittarius, you when you want something you want it as soon as possible. You do not know how to wait, it is something that consumes your nerves. And that impatience makes you a very impulsive person, someone who does not think before speaking, much less before acting. A person who first acts and then looks at the consequences and in the end, what happens happens. That many times you end up regretting something you have done or said. And besides, Sagittarius, you are a very rebellious person who always has to get away with it.

It always has to be the one with the last person, the one who arrives first, the one who wins. Rebel as well as competitive. But you are like that, you have your pluses and minuses and whoever loves you has to love you for who you are.