What Happens When You Do Something Bad to a Virgo?

When you do something bad to Virgo, you open the widest possible range of revenge in the form of justice that you can ever see in your life. Hurting Virgo is a bad thing, a very bad thing, but it is also very dangerous, because Virgo is not a person who forgets, forgives and lets things go the first time. It does not, Virgo does NOT forget, does not forgive and does not miss a single injustice that happens around it.

When you hurt Virgo’s heart there is no going back, there are no pleas that are worth it, Virgo is actually a very JUST person and if you hurt him, you pay it sooner rather than later, that’s for sure.

Virgo is a very stubborn person right? Stubborn to fight for what he wants, not to throw in the towel, not to stop until he succeeds, because to defend himself he is even more so, much more, because when his honor and safety are at stake, he is capable of everything and much plus. his speciality? Its psychologically in the form of very subtle attacks. Virgo always watches his back.

When you do something bad to Virgo, you are hurting yourself, because everything you send to Virgo life will bounce you back. Multiplied by millions, that’s for sure.